Monday, February 16, 2009
7:17 PM
Hey sorry i haven't posted in forever! I hope everybody had an amazing valentines day and enjoy your treats! Don't eat too much haha. its been hard to keep up with all the inspiring magazines spurting out from every angle. Its amazing! Well i wanted to tell everyone I'm not dead haha i just took a nap theoretically.

Monday, February 9, 2009
6:46 PM
Stardoll is selling "earrings" in the new section of the starplaza and if you try them on, only one earring shows up? Would you pay money for one earring? I WOULDNT! Even though some people actually wear only one earring as a "fashion statement" actually i would have the need to say you dropped an earring

Valentines Spoilers
6:01 PM

Sunday, February 1, 2009
11:26 AM

Do you guys think we should have comments on the blog? I believe
that the comments will help voice your opinions, but recently
some of those opinions have been slightly rude.
I would like to bring comments back, but I need you guys to be a
lot less harsh. Let me know how you feel about this (kindly).
Obviously, because there are no comments currently,
you will have to tell me your opinions
through Stardoll. Send me a message or sign my
guestbook. My username is Halmonkey3. Thanks again.

10:00 AM
I realized all that posting shit and fighting online and drama. For what? To make eachother feel bad? Well it's not worth calling other people names. It doesnt make you a better person. I dont know why i kept going she just made me so mad. Well i apoligize. If you dont want to accept it, thats out of my hands. Im just saying we could of handled this better, espically me. Im sorry everyone

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